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Councillor Richard Wingett

For three decades, Downswood has been my home, where my wife Christine and I raised our family. It's a wonderful community, offering superb amenities like local parks and schools. Over the years, we've forged strong bonds with our neighbours and last year, I felt compelled to give back to this community that has given us so much.

With a diverse background spanning careers in Policing, Local Government, involvement in the Olympic Games, contracting in London, and working for the military, I've amassed a range of adaptable skills. These skills are invaluable in addressing evolving challenges, ensuring that residents' voices are heard in shaping our collective future.

I am the liaison for Policing, and I firmly advocate for a collaborative, multi-agency approach to tackling local issues. The recent incidents of anti-social behaviour at Mallards Park and theft from cars, swiftly resolved by Police intervention, highlight the effectiveness of such coordinated efforts.

My passion for nature drives my belief that enhancing our local environment promotes biodiversity and benefits us all. The ongoing tree-planting initiatives in Downswood has resulted in positive feedback from residents as the landscape flourishes.

Contributing to positive change fills me with pride, and collaborating with dedicated colleagues has been immensely rewarding. Together, we're a formidable team, fuelled by a shared commitment to continued improvement.

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